Sales of fast break 200 thousand Ai Ruize 5 to continue to seize the hearts of young people

              2017-11-20 21:00:06 admin 24

              Listing 17 months cumulative sales exceeded 200 thousand, which is an AI Ruize score of 5 in the autumn of this year just made. This has become the fastest cumulative sales of 200 thousand independent brands. In the A-class car of intense competition, the Red Sea has become the case, Yi Ruize 5 such achievement is not easy. But it also reflects the power of brand concept for young students.


              Since the start of 2016 strategic transformation since 2, the core of the Chery brand, is set up so that young consumers accept and love the brand image, let people see a Chery, think of ;wonderful", thought passion driving control, full time Internet, smart charm of personality label. While AI Ruize 5 belongs to such a product, use a large number of fashion and personality elements, fully meet the aesthetic and preferences of young consumers. In other words, Yi Ruize 5 hope into the young people's heart, listen to their voice, to maximize the product to meet them.

              The way the stars sink" brand is such a voice to listen to young users. With the previous product experience activities, hope Yi Ruize 5 thought the collision and exchange platform to create a convergence between the platform and the idea of young people, I hope through the spirit of dialogue with young people, to encourage young people to find their own life orientation and goals, create their own wonderful life. In fact, this is AI Ruize 5 "born" in shaping the young brand image, to win the 85 after 90, foreign representative of the young man39s heart.

              In November 14th, the first star meeting; held in Zhuhai. Idol AI Ruize 5 spokesperson Zheng Kai, sports star Li Weifeng, honey bud baby founder Liu Nan and AI Ruize 5 owners conducted a dialogue, talk about the dream of the young people.

              Cheetah tells the story of Zheng Kai in the absence of fame before ten years, Star Road in front of the huge pressure to adhere to the beginning of the heart, and continue to seek breakthroughs, accumulate steadily. Honey bud baby founder and CEO Liu Nan to the female perspective, tells the story of her Curve Wrecker, from the north to multinational executives, founder of platform mother from full-time hot mom to China highest valuation, let each character life experience are full of sound and colour. The famous football player, China team captain Li Weifeng to share the scene behind countless glory, that ordinary people can not imagine the sweat and pay the story.

              These share is full of positive energy, encouraging young people to have the courage to chase the dream, also confirms the AI Ruize 5 "for young students" brand concept and image. It is understood that such activities will also be in the next 20 other city, invited the different cultural background of the Yi Ruize 5 owners to share their own stories.

              The stars sink" can be seen as a fan of marketing activities, through the spirit level into the young users, so as to retain users. This activity also has achieved a certain effect. According to deputy general manager of Chery automobile marketing company fan star said, as of now, the actual sales of AI Ruize 5 has exceeded 230 thousand units.

              Source: Sina

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